Tempur Pillows

Trouble sleeping? Experience neck and shoulder pain? Your partner's snoring keeping you awake at night? Well fear not...now you can combat these issues and more with specially designed tempurpedic pillow.

As soon as you purchase a tempura pillow, you're investing in your own health. Not only do tempurpedic pillows provide a better night's sleep, they also help relieve pain and can prevent snoring. The anatomical, pressure relieving design of tempur pillows provides maximal comfort to the neck and vertebrae, allowing complete relaxation of the neck and shoulder muscles...thereby giving you the ultimate sleep experience!

Tempur pillows are literally out of this world! The pressure relieving material in all tempur pillows is space age technology...it's the only pillow recognised by NASA and certified by the space foundation. The material is temperature sensitive and visco elastic- meaning it responds to your body temperature and body shape, moulding itself to the natural curvature of your spine. So not only do you stay cool throught the night, the pillow also gently cradles your head to make you supremely relaxed.

There are a variety of tempur pillows available, in different sizes and each with their own benefits. Clearly choosing a pillow is totally personal and individual. However the Neck, Comfort and Classic pillows are recommended for individuals seeking maximal neck support and pressure/ pain relief. You can view the complete Tempurpedic range below:

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Get the best night's sleep you've ever had...purchase a foam pillow today!