Your Favourite Tempur Pillow

Pillows don't last forever and need to be replaced about every five years. During the time they are in use their material becomes compressed to where it isn't as soft any longer, and they develop lumps. Who wants to sleep on a flat, lumpy pillow? So, when you go out to buy new pillows, you might want to consider the unbeatable comfort of Tempur-Pedic pillows in order to get your perfect night's sleep.

Top quality Tempur-Pedic pillows are so renowned for providing comfortable sleep that almost every five-star hotel and resort worldwide uses them. If that isn't enough of a recommendation for you, you can think about the fact that the materials used in these pillows were developed for use by American astronauts when they need cushioning the most - during liftoff. Since the dense, supportive material can meet their needs, it's sure to surpass your own expectations.

If you've ever suffered neck pain due to lack of support or misalignment of your spine caused by an inferior pillow, you know what a problem that can be. It's hard to concentrate at work or even function well at home when your neck hurts. Although Tempur-Pedic pillows may cost a bit more than other pillows on the market, what value do you place on a good night of sleep and a back or neck that is free of pain?

It used to be that a pillow was a pillow. You bought the one you could afford or the one made of the material you thought you liked, and that was that. Basically one size was supposed to fit all. Now, however, Tempur-Pedic produces a line of different pillow designs so that each person can find the one that best meets their needs.

The Tempur-Pedic Swedish Neck Pillow is ideal for those who need a healthier sleep posture so that they can sleep better. There are dual lobes in this pillow so that the neck, head, and shoulders are perfectly supported. The pillow was designed to take pressure off of the spine and make you more comfortable which allows for better sleep. The Swedish Neck Pillow comes in different sizes so that everyone can choose a pillow that will be the right height to remove the stress from their neck. You're sure to find the perfect pillow for your needs since the sizes range from 15 x 10 x 2.5" to 34 x 14 x 4".

The Tempur-Pedic ComfortPillow has a more traditional shape and will fit into your existing pillowcases. A standard-size ComfortPillow measures 25" x 19", and a queen-size pillow is 29" x 19". Either one will give you all the comfort and support you'll need to sleep well.

When you look at a Tempur-Pedic Millennium Neck Pillow you'll see that it has a curved edge and is higher on the sides than it is in the middle. This was designed to properly align your neck while sleeping on your back or side. The front edge is tilted which gives your upper vertebrae more comfort and support than you've ever felt in a pillow before. A medium Millennium Neck Pillow is 22 x 13 x 4.2/2.5", and a queen pillow is 26 x 13 x 4.5/2.5".

If you're looking for a little economy in your new pillow, you can try a Tempur-Pedic Classic Pillow. This traditionally-styled pillow provides you with excellent support and comfort. Measuring 22 x 15 x 4", it will fit into the same standard pillow cases you're probably already using.

Another type of pillow to consider is a body pillow. Maybe you've never even thought about getting one, but Tempur-Pedic makes a model that is so awesome you'll wonder how you ever got along without it. If you've ever felt any soreness in your legs because of the way you're sleeping at night, try wrapping your legs around a body pillow and the pain will vanish. At 36" x 14", the pillow is sized just right for most people.

All of the great line of Tempur-Pedic pillows is treated to be resistant to mites and other allergens. Since there's no CFCs or formaldehyde used in the construction of the pillows, you can rest assured that they won't in any way be detrimental to your health. In fact, they'll make you so comfortable and help you to sleep so well that you will feel healthier than ever before.

When the time comes to replace that favorite old pillow of yours, don't worry and head for the display of great Tempur-Pedic pillows. Choose the one that will best meet your needs, and you'll have a new favorite pillow before you know it.