Tired All The Time?

Are you feeling tired all the time? Then you are not alone. An alarmingly increasing number of us are battling everyday life with constant fatigue or TATT (Tired All The Time) syndrome. Ask your local GP or Doctor – if you can be bothered that is – and they’ll tell you there is no fundamental explanation to the condition but it is generally seen as a life style issue.

Over stimulation, work stress, diet, alcohol, lack of sleep, allergies can all play a part. And there is no pill, no one solution that cures these hapless sufferers. So what can be done?

Getting a blood test can diagnose anaemia and your Doctor can quickly prescribe some iron tablets or even changing your diet. Lifestyle changes can also help in most cases. Exercising more can stimulate the body and help fight Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. There may even be cases associated to mild depression and again with some professional advice or even medication can break the shackles of tiredness.

The biggest cause of TATT or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is sleeplessness. The two major factors that interfere with a good night’s sleep are snoring and uncomfortable beds. Sleeping on a decent, supportive and comfortable bed can help in both of these cases.

Bed technology has transformed greatly over the last few years. Tempur recently introduced Visco-elastic memory foam to mattress fillings as a health product for the bedridden. Visco-elastic is a foam material that will respond to very small changes in pressure across its surface. It is the most profiling of all mattress fillings. For example, if you were to place your open hand on its surface, the material will take the shape of your fingers. It is also temperature sensitive. The foam will relax more at body points that are constantly pressed against it. Indeed it was originally seen as a “health” product particularly suited to relieving bed sores.

However these qualities also suit people that suffer from feeling unusually fatigued. And now a whole new generation of mattress types have come on to the market which offer support and comfort you could have only dreamt about 20 years ago.

Just remember that once you have purchased your new bed that staying in bed all day is not what the doctor ordered!

Paul Steven is a former web designer/developer and is now currently working with a leading UK SEO Company.

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