Tempurpedic Pillow - The Best Memory Foam Pillow

Even if you don't have a memory foam mattress you can still benefit from a memory foam pillow. These pillows mould themselves to the exact shape of your head and shoulders thereby giving you the best support possible and ensuring a good night's sleep. Without doubt the Tempurpedic pillow is the best on the market and here's why.

Tempurpedic created the world's first and, arguably, best memory foam mattress. The memory foam the company created was based on research carried out by the NASA space program and was designed originally for use in hospitals, where the therapeuticbenefits of visco -elastic foam were first recognized.

The product the company created was proprietary, which means no one else will ever have this unique formula. Other brands use a patented formula, which means that the formula will be available for everyone when the patent expires. But, it isn't just that no one else will ever duplicate Tempurpedic's memory foam that makes it the best. Unlike many other brands, the air cells are of even size. This means that the foam more evenly conforms and provides more even support than other brands where the air cells are of uneven size.

The foam used in Tempurpedic pillows is of the same quality of that used in the company's mattresses. The company also makes a variety of styles and configurations of pillow to ensure that no matter what the sleeper's requirements, there's a pillow from Tempurpedic that's sure to suit.

Currently, the collections include the GrandPillow, ComfortPillow, RhapsodyPillow, NeckPillow, SymphonyPillow and NeckPillow.

The GrandPillow was designed to complement the GrandBed by Tempurpedic. The outer cover is of blended silk, which can be easily removed for cleaning - dry clean only. The company claims that this is their finest pillow - is generously filled but is easily shapeable.

The ComfortPillow (my personal favorite) is a traditionally shaped pillow with a plush feel and luxurious appearance.

The RhapsodyPillow is also a more traditionally shaped pillow. It's a very luxurious pillow that comes with a removable, washable and allergen resistant outer cover. What's particularly nice about this pillow is that it is dual sided with TEMPUR-Tex on top and micro suede on the bottom to match the top and sides of its mattress namesake.

The NeckPillow is anything but traditional in shape. The dual-lobe design supports the curve created by head, neck and shoulders to properly align the spine. This is the perfect choice for those who suffer from problems of mobility or discomfort in those areas.

The ClassicPillow has recently been updated with the company's softer formulation of memory foam. This, combined with its traditional shape, is one for those who want a soft pillow.

While there are other memory foam pillows on the market - and some of them are of very good quality - in my opinion, the Tempurpedic pillow remains the best on the market today.