Strobel Memory Foam Mattress vs Tempurpedic

When looking at the statistics concerning various memory foam mattresses, notice how closely the Strobel memory foam mattress stacks up against a well known brand like the Tempurpedic. You might be surprised at how well the two compare in most aspects, and the overall winner between them is likely to be quite a surprise.

The Strobel foam mattress is made using Polyfilax, a patented memory foam blend. It is very similar to the memory foam used in Tempurpedic beds, but many people say that Polyfilax has more suppleness and give than ordinary memory foam. These reviews go on to explain that sleeping on a Strobel Supple-Pedic 6000, with its 6 inches of Polyfilax, is like nothing short of sleeping suspended in air.

And while some of this feeling of suspension is definitely due to the memory foam material being used, the patented box spring system also plays a large part. The Lever Support system behaves differently than a conventional box spring, because it has individually levered spring sections that act similar to a see-saw, and where more weight is applied to one area, is cause more lifting support to be applied to another. The result is completely avoiding the feeling of pressure points that occur when one section of the body is being forced to support a greater portion of the body's weight.

One aspect in favor of the Tempurpedic mattress is price. Strobel is a specialty company, and you can expect their mattresses to be more expensive. The difference is not as great as you might expect, but Strobel tends to do poorly in mattress ratings where price is a major consideration. Paying a little more for a mattress that may last up to twice as long isn't really a bad deal, when you stop to do the math, as the higher cost balances out in more years of usefulness.

The unique conforming features of Polyfilax go farther than other memory foams, reducing the build up of body heat during sleep. Ordinary memory foam actually accumulates body heat, and special mattress toppers are often needed to allow sufficient airflow around the body. And isn't it better to get everything you need in one mattress than to need a covering in addition to the cost of the bed?

In most direct comparisons, the Strobel memory foam mattress ranks a little better than Tempurpedic mattresses. The mattresses are built with a higher level of hand craftsmanship, and the patented Lever Support system coupled with Polyfilax foam padding are all features of increased value. But perhaps the final winner is not as much of a surprise after talking about everything that goes intomaking them.