Sealy Posturepedic - A Review of this Top Rated Mattress

All Sealy Posturepedic mattresses have been designed in conjunction with orthopedic doctors. The range is vast including traditional innerspring, latex and memory foam. The company claims that each type offers the best sleep solution of its type, but is this true? The answer isn't so simple.

Most folks prefer to sleep on a tradition innerspring mattress and, with Sealy being the World's number one manufacturer of mattresses, it's not surprising that its Posturepedic innerspring collections are a very popular choice. Its popularity is well justified. Currently, there are three main collections; the Preferred, Reserve and Signature.

The Sealy Preferred is the entry-level collection. It's available in all sizes; the queen size features 736 coils, a Unicased edge system (to provide a firm edge and extra sleep area), and a 3-zone pressure relief system. The Reserve comes with more coils (782 in queen size) and the same 3-zone pressure relief system. The increase in coil count, not only provides more support but will increase the lifetime of the mattress. The Signature is the top of the line collection. Like the Reserve it has 782 coils on the queen size. However, it goes further in that it offers a 7-zone pressure relief system; this makes the mattress much more responsive to the sleeper's needs. This mattress also features something called 'Posture Channels' that are designed to enhance the support of the lumbar region and the back of the legs.

While all of these are fine mattresses it's worth comparing the Preferred collection with other brands - the Miralux comes with a lower coil count but does compare quite favorably and is quite a bit cheaper. The Signature is really a beautiful product and is as good as other brands like Chattam & Wells and Stearns & Foster.

The Sealy Posturepedic line also includes 2 latex mattresses; the SpringFree and PurEmbrace. The SpringFree is made from 100% synthetic latex (as does the PurEmbrace). This is a fine mattress, however, other manufacturers offer natural latex (such as the Englander Nature's Choice mattress) and many prefer natural over synthetic. Also, Talalay is considered by most to be the best type of latex - Sealy doesn't offer this whereas other manufacturers like Jamison do.

Finally, choosing between the SpringFree and PurEmbrace comes down to personal choice. The PurEmbrace does come with extra comfort layers and some other features, but I would save some money and opt for the cheaper SpringFree.

The Sealy TrueForm is a memory foam mattress. This type is very popular at the moment thanks to its amazing pressure relieving qualities. TempurPedic may have been the first and the market leader, but the TrueForm matches it in terms of quality materials, support and comfort. Memory foam has a reputation of sleeping hot, however, the TrueForm features Outlast Smart fabric technology (a NASA certified technology) that wicks away heat away from the sleeper. Few other manufacturers offer this intelligent solution to over heating - the Restonic HealthRest memory foam mattress being one of the very few others available.

Many mattress reviews give the Sealy Posturepedic mattress an excellent overall rating. If there is one that stands out to me as being a market leader it would have to be the TrueForm - it's an excellent product that's as good, if not better, than any other brand of memory foam mattress currently on the market.