Memory Foam Contour Pillow

Let me begin with the facts.

The Select Comfort memory foam pillow generally costs about $100. The fill is viscoelastic memory foam, and the cover is a blend of 75% cotton and 25% polyester velour with a zipper.

The pillow comes in King and Standard size and is available in five inch or six inch contour height. In regard to maintenance, the cover can be machine washed and dried, but the pillow should only be spot cleaned using a mild detergent.

Now let's move on to the evaluation.

The Select Comfort pillow is popular mainly because, like most memory foam pillows, it is soft and reshapes quickly providing customized support for virtually any sleep position. It also has a contoured design that effectively fits a body's contours for more natural alignment of the neck and back.

Many owners say that the pillow reduces pain, especially of the neck and shoulders. However, because the pillow is very different from more traditional types of pillows, new owners may find that the pillow takes some getting used to.

Memory foam pillows in general often hold up for at least a few years, but there are instances of the pillows prematurely sagging within a much shorter time. On this point, the Select Comfort pillow is no different. If you like to take your pillow with you when traveling, the pillow is light and small enough to be a friendly travel companion.

The bottom line: The Select Comfort memory foam pillow is pricey, but it does provide good comfort and reasonable durability for most owners.

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