Memory Foam Bedding

Bringing the comfort of memory foam mattresses and pillows at discount prices. The Body Form orthopedic memory foam mattresses and orthopedic memory foam contour pillows can give you relief from pains in the neck, back, knees, hips, and shoulders. Our memory foam mattresses and memory foam contour pillows can relieve insomnia, sleep apnea and other sleep disorders, and bedsores. Our no flip foam mattresses and foam contour pillows made with visco-elastic (memory foam) can reduce tossing and turning while sleeping by up to 75%. This NASA developed foam has brought a new level of comfort to mattresses and is fast becoming the gold standard in the mattress industry.

The memory foam used in the Body Form foam mattress and foam contour pillow is top quality providing unique heat and pressure sensitive qualities characteristic of this type of foam rubber. The Body Form memory foam contour pillow from is 100% foam and has "hugability" while you sleep on it. Our orthopedic contour pillow offers superior neck support and luxurious comfort.

The Body Form foam mattress features specially formulated polyurethane foam designed for NASA that eliminates localized pressure on the body. Our foam mattress reacts to the warmth of your body and molds gently into your curves within 5-10 minutes.

Our foam mattress provides relief from pains in the hips, arms, and shoulders. Sleeping on a Body Form foam mattress can reduce impaired circulation and numbness. The material used in the mattress cover protects against dust mites and their allergens. The Body Form foam mattress is backed by our 10 year non-prorated warranty. There is no charge for repair or replacement (excluding shipping charges) of our foam mattresses.