Is Tempurpedic And Memory Foam The Same?

Tempur-Pedic, even called Tempur, is the industry leader in memory foam. In life, there is a saying that you get what you pay for. The tempur-pedic is the most expensive memory foam mattress and many consumer reviews have rated it as the best. So Tempur is the Cadillac of memory foam and always stand behind their products.

In a matter of speaking, memory foam is somewhat a material from space. It was initially invented to be a material to use in space shuttles and for the comfort of astronauts. The first memory foam was actually developed for NASA around the 70's for their space program, though it was never used. Now it has developed into many areas, the most well know is the mattresses and pillows produced under the brand of Tempur. But you can also find products like slippers utilize the same technology as that used for mattresses, mattress pads, pillows, and even dog beds.

If memory foam can support you horizontally, surely it can support you vertically. The heat retaining properties of the foam makes pain more bearable for a patient suffering from back injuries. Thus memory foam is also used in medical treatments of patients developing "bed sores" and for people suffering from postural problems. The foam soften in those areas and allows your body to sink into it at that point.

It is the thickness of the foam that matters when buying the correct memory foam mattress. Memory foam is too soft to be used on its own in a mattress so a firm supportive core is always used. If you are interested in these products, take a look online for your memory foam cervical pillow as the prices are probably better than what you would find in a store. Keep in mind, however, that the benefits of sleeping on memory foam will far outweigh whatever price that you will pay for it.

The thickness of the memory foam can be defined as the total weight of the mattress, calculated in a cubic foot of memory foam. As it is pressure sensitive, or temperature sensitive polyurethane foam which has the ability to compress, it then gradually return to its original shape.

How does it give you help to sleep? Memory foam is visco-elastic which means that it responds to temperature change by becoming softer when it is warm and harder when it is cold. Moreover, the memory mattress does not put the same amount of resistance on joints as traditional bedding. It can leave us well rested and practically pain free in the morning.

To ensure sleep in any position back, stomach or side because the weight of the body is uniformly distributed and the spine remains in a neutral position with this kind of equipment. As memory foam becomes softer as the temperature rises and because it's an insulating material it is possible to increase the temperature of the foam in localised areas.

The human body is 55-78% water, and the brain is 85% water. Regarding these facts, it has also been associated with better memory, clearer thinking, and health of the heart to sleep on a tempur mattress and pillow. And, in other words, if you don't get enough sleep, you will have memory trouble. If you have been sleep deprived, then getting enough sleep is one of the easiest and fastest ways to improve your memory. You can also get your muscles beautifully relaxed on a memory foam mattress.

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