How Tempur Pillows Relieve Snoring

Your bed is calling, but you’re avoiding it because the noise coming from your partner's mouth could keep the neighborhood awake if your windows are open. Or perhaps you are the one making the noise. If you haven’t thought of it, you should consider a new pillow.

Snoring is not only bothersome for the one listening to it can be hazardous to the health of the snorer. Sleep apnea, where the sleeper stops breathing for a time and then snorts or snores, can be fatal or lead to disabling conditions. Some experts believe that any type of snoring could problematic.

Fortunately there are some things you can do to reduce or prevent snoring. Begin with a good mattress. Back sleeping has been proven to increase the frequency and intensity of snoring. An old bed can have hills and valleys that cause you to roll onto your back at night. Make sure your mattress provides adequate support for your back to align your spine and keep your neck in a better position. A good mattress to help prevent the sagging and swaying is one made from the new visco elastic memory foam. It conforms to your body, allowing you to get comfortable and stay that way all night. The tempur material in the mattress is firm enough to be supportive, but soft enough for comfort.

Once you know that your mattress is the right one for you, check out your pillow. A pillow that flattens to the thickness of a pancake is not doing your neck any good. In addition, the dust mites that live in old bedding and pillows can cause your allergies to act up. This in turn can cause snoring to be worse. The memory foam pillow helps support the neck the same way a memory foam mattress supports the back. The NeckPillow by Tempur-Pedic™ is marketed as a solution for those who desire both a better night’s sleep and a more therapeutic sleep posture. The dual-lobe design supports the curve created by your head, neck and shoulders to properly align your spine and give you a perfect night's sleep!

The Tempurpedic website shows their Swedish Neck Pillow and its gentle curve that helps align the neck and spine. This decreases the floppiness in the throat that causes an obstructed airway. And an obstructed airway is the leading cause of snoring. By choosing a pillow in the right size, you get the just right size curve for your neck. It is critical to choose the proper pillow thickness based on both your shoulder dimensions and sleeping position preference. This will ensure that you ultimately sleep with an anatomically correct posture. Any pillow that forces your head up too much or allows it to fall too far back can put undo stress on your neck, and could inhibit breathing.

Sizes of the NeckPillow range from 20” long to 34” long and 3” high to 5” high. TempurPedic markets sizes as small to Queen X-Large and King Medium. A child should typically choose the junior size while most women need the small or medium. Small to average men should choose the medium, but taller or larger men may need the large pillow. I recommend a quick visit to TempurPedic’s website to review the many pillow sizes available.

One recent study found that most snorers who switched to the memory foam pillow had a better day and felt more rested. Their partners also reported getting a better night's sleep because of the decrease in snoring. The tempur material in the pillows conforms to the individual allowing them to get more comfortable while still keeping their neck in the appropriate position for more free breathing. While some snoring is severe and should be checked out by a doctor, changing your mattress and pillow can help most people. The memory foam mattress and pillow work together to align the spine and neck to allow for freer breathing and quieter nights.

It would be unfair to simply tout only the features of this pillow. There are some cons that users have reported. They include:

1) Price is too high for many. Depends on size and ranges from $85 for small pillow to $165 for King Medium pillow

2) Sleeps a little warm. This is a typical complaint of people who critique the TempurPedic mattresses. You don’t move around with this material and your head sinks in.

3) Doesn't have the soft and sensual comfort and look of down

4) Has an unpleasant plastic smell when new

In addition to the Neck Pillow, Tempur-Pedic also offers numerous other pillows including the ComfortPillow, the RhapsodyPillow, the ClassicPillow and more. Although each pillow includes a 3 year limited warranty. TempurPedic does not allow returns on their pillows. Unlike their mattresses, pillows do not have a tryout period.

D. Lyne is frequent contributor to tempur pedic mattress reviews and health and fitness news.