Comfy Comfort Travel Pillows

There is a plethora of comfort travel pillows on the market these days but some are quite unique and worth a look if you find yourself on long daily commutes by train, frequent flying on long-haul flights, wheelchair bound, highway warrior, or simply a couch potato. There is a pillow now for every physical ailment, achy muscle or curvature needing support. And if you've ever found yourself weather bound for the floor of an airport lounge or train terminal without a comfort travel pillow, you'll never make that mistake again.

Travel pillows have come a long way from the tiny little poly-filled squares the airlines used to provide which have disappeared along the way with basics such as food and water. Face it, the only "pampering" you're likely to get from any transportation provider is that which we pack and lug around for ourselves. Gas is at a premium, of course. On board amenities are shrinking faster than you can say "first class please."

And even though their little tiny poly-filled pillows were small and probably not too hygienic, at least it was a bit of cushion between your head and the cold steel side of the plane. So suffice it to say, there are just a few things that one must keep in their carry on luggage at all times. Just don't unpack them trip after trip, leave them in there because you will want it next time. No, not want it; you will NEED it next time. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Your Comfort Travel Pillow - a necessity, take my word for it - just get one

2. Your headphones, ear buds or whatever, just in case the movie is decent and you haven't already seen it (they charge at least two bucks now days)

3. A clean pair of socks - you know how cold it is on most planes, don't suffer

4. Your own blanket - IF you are one of the lucky 10 people to grab a blanket, you know it has been used and stepped on by lord-who-knows-who, so again, it's cold on those planes- bring your own

5. Snacks - $5.00 for a can of chips is a little outrageous, with a little advance planning you can toss in a few little boxes of raisins, crackers, fruit, anything you bring will save you money and a growling stomach

6. Reading material - Right, they haven't had that nice selection on board for a decade now so don't forget to bring a magazine or book to entertain yourself. For many of us, it's the only time we're able to catch up on our reading - take advantage of the spare time

Shopping around for a comfort travel pillow online will take awhile. As mentioned before, there are a lot of options out there. You'll find buckwheat, poly filled, down filled, water filled, inflatable air filled, tempurpedic, memory foam and the list goes on. Find the one that's right for you and it will save a lot of traveling headaches.